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Who Fills Mom’s Stocking?

How to make sure mom has a stocking full of gifts to open too!

In many households, it’s Mom who ensures the stockings are hung with care and filled with festive surprises for her loved ones. She tirelessly shops for small but thoughtful gifts, such as candy, toys, gift cards, beauty products, and more to make the morning extra special. Mom knows everyone’s favorite treats and often takes great care to personalize the gifts. She creates a sense of magic and wonder by sneaking around on Christmas Eve, stealthily filling each stocking to the brim.

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It’s a role that moms across the world take on with enthusiasm, as they enjoy witnessing the joy on their family’s faces as they discover the treasures in their stockings. For many, it’s a labor of love and an essential part of making the holiday season unforgettable.

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Back to the question... WHO FILLS MOM'S STOCKING?

Year after year, I waited for Santa, heck even my husband to fill my stocking, year after year I typically woke up Christmas morning to nothing in my sock. Eventually, I shopped for myself so I had presents to open because the kids started to notice “Why doesn’t mom have anything in her stocking.” Guess Mom was on the naughty list again.

WAIT. There is a story about why my husband didn’t buy anything for my stocking back then. That’s a long story and no one wants to read a crazy long blog. Short version, I may have returned something he wasn’t happy about.

...and then I had a genius idea that has become a holiday tradition in our family.

Once my kids “knew about Santa”, yes they still believe. We set a budget where each person had to fill the stockings for the other members in the family. Our budget is $20 per person. 

Each family member then buys $20 worth of presents for each stocking, except their own. For a family of 4, each stocking has $60 worth of gifts. You may set the amount at whatever you choose.

We have one design of wrapping paper for each person. So everything that goes in Mom’s stocking is wrapped in the same paper. Dad’s a different paper, and so on. On Christmas morning or Christmas Eve, whenever you open stockings, play the game of who the gift is from. 

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW EACH OTHER? Not only does mom’s stocking get filled, it also makes the fun of opening stockings more fun by guessing who bought what & seeing how well you really know each other.

Here are some ideas on what to put in Mom's stocking as well as some Amazon gift ideas for those who need Santa's help.

Handmade Treasures: Create something unique for Mom, like a personalized ornament, a hand-painted card, or a piece of homemade jewelry. Handmade gifts carry a special touch of love and appreciation.

Pampering Goodies: Fill her stocking with spa and self-care items, like scented candles, bath bombs, luxurious bath oils, or a cozy robe. After all the hard work she’s put into making the holiday special, a little relaxation is well-deserved.

A Sweet Treat: Even Moms have a sweet tooth! You can include her favorite chocolates, cookies, or other indulgent snacks.

A Book: If she’s an avid reader, add a bestselling novel. It’s a thoughtful way to ensure she has something to enjoy during the holiday season. Or give her a bookmark.

Tech Gadgets: If Mom is tech-savvy, consider adding small tech accessories or gadgets, like stylish earbuds, a phone stand, or a new phone case.

Jewelry: A delicate piece of jewelry, such as a necklace, bracelet, or a pair of elegant earrings, can be a heartwarming surprise for Mom.

Gift Cards: When all else fails, a thoughtful gift card to her favorite local store, local coffee shop, or spa can allow her to choose something special for herself.

For those who need the Amazon Elf, we have your list.

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Yoga socks for the win!

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This one made me laugh. Some moms love candles. Some kids love to rub it in they are the favorite.

Want to be moms favorite? Fill in the love & now you’re mom’s favorite child! This is also a great gift for a parent to ask a younger child about mom. Read it year after year on Christmas Eve.

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Never lose Mom again… Remember, it’s not lost until mom can’t find it.

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GLASS NAIL FILE. This three-pack is great to have one at home, one in the car, and one in the office. Once she starts using glass nail files she’ll never use an old school emery nail file again and she will think of you everytime she uses it.

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Shaer this blog with a mom who could use this family tradition.

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Who Fills Mom's Stocking?

Who Fills Mom's Stocking?

How to make sure mom has a stocking full of gifts to open too! In many households, it’s Mom who…


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