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Frequently Asked Questions

After you’ve hit that ‘order’ button, sit tight for just a few minutes. Your first date idea will swoop into your messages like a charming text from a secret admirer. From there, expect the unexpected! Your subsequent date nights will slide into your texts on the 1st, the 15th, or some sneaky surprise day—depending on how many dates you opted for.

Each text will give you a clue about the date, like a little teaser to pique your curiosity, and a link that holds the key to the details. Then, it’s a tag-team effort! You and your partner or family crew pick a day for your adventure, mark it on the calendar, and then dive into the details via that link. It’s like unwrapping a surprise package—except instead of a mystery box, you get an incredible date or family experience waiting just for you!

Oh, and one pro tip: when you click that link, make sure you’ve got your account signed in, because that’s where all the enchantment happens! Consider it your backstage pass to a date night or family escapade you won’t soon forget!

We’re not the bossy type that says, ‘You must dine at an Italian restaurant’ or ‘Paddleboard or bust!’ We’re more like the cool friend who whispers, ‘Hey, here are some awesome ideas—now go make it your own!’

Think of us as your date night wingman, setting the stage with inspiration, but leaving the spotlight for your creativity to shine. And let’s face it, not every town has horse drawn carriages or gelato stands on the corner, so we’re all about embracing the uniqueness of your neck of the woods.

Our texts are all about the thrill of the unknown, the ‘what’s-next’ anticipation in our texts, and the commitment to keep those date nights sizzling at least once a month. So, take turns being the date night MVP—plan the extra details one month, let your partner take the lead the next, and voila! You’ve got yourselves a recipe for a date night adventure that keeps the romance fresh and all your friends jealous.

Ah, the eternal question: How long should a date night last? Whether it’s a quick rendezvous or an evening that feels like it’s scripted by the rom-com gods, the perfect duration is the one that leaves you both wanting just a bit more. For those type A people who need to plan everything down to the last minute, let’s say an average of 2 hours and 37 minutes?

LOCAL DATE NIGHT: These dates support locally owned businesses in your local community.

DATE NIGHT AT HOME: Date nights out are great, but these dates are geared toward a relaxing date at home.

SPICY AT HOME DATES: Just as the name suggests, these at home dates are for those looking to spice things up in their relationship.

12 MONTHS OF FUN!: We believe many of these activities will become an annual tradition in your home just as it has in ours. These dates are great for couples, families, or one month make it the two of you, the next month family fun. You decide.

FAMILY FUN AT HOME: These activites are all about creating memories with the family.

COUPLE, FAMILY, or FRIEND GAME NIGHT: Once a month we’ll text you a theme for the month and ideas for a new board game + ideas for creative drinks and food for game night. In the event you have our featured game, we will offer another game suggestion, or play the game you have.

We are working on adding more categories for your renewal!

Whether you’re surrounded by skyscrapers or contemplating life alongside the town’s lone traffic light, our ideas are ready to bring adventure in your life, no matter the postal code. Whether you’re in the boondocks or smack dab in the heart of the city, our texts are your passport to an adventure that transcends zip codes!

You have the option for 12 date night ideas a year, up to 36 per year. At the end of 12 months you will need to subscribe again so you can pick a different theme for the next year. 

I’m serious, we were asked this question. I say, you be you. 

No. The majority of the ideas can be done anytime of the day. We do have a few that specify a time of day, but the essence of a date night lies in quality time, the stolen moments, and the shared experiences, regardless of when they happen. So, whether it’s under the stars or in the glow of a sunny day, as long as you’re together, that’s what truly counts as a perfect date ‘night’.”

That depends on your preference for having tiny spectators critiquing your dinner conversation or attempting to steal your dessert. While we recommend arranging childcare for a date night as it’s your chance to savor adult conversations without interruptions, we totally understand it’s not always possible. For those who do not have child care, we recommend one of our at home date night ideas or selecting our family fun ideas. If you are on the fence about a sitter, think of it as a win-win; the kids get their own adventure while you create yours. Embrace the babysitter, and make that date night a haven of uninterrupted bliss, even if it’s only once a month.

Of course! You definitely have great tastes in gifts! When you click the shop page we have an option to send this as a gift. Customers have bought these as gifts for wedding shower presents. We’ve had people buy it for anniversary gifts for friends. We’ve even had parents buy it as a Christmas gift for their married children (as the other part of the gift, they offered to babysit the kids while they enjoyed a date night out each month – what a great idea!).

Because it’s awesome and neither of you have to argue over who’s planning date night again! With our texts, both couples receive the element of surprise each month. We also found most people who go on dates nights frequently tend to go out to dinner or they watch a movie together at home. We designed these date nights so you are doing something different each time vs the same date night week after week. For those who love to plan, there is still opportunities to but your finishing touch on each date idea.

Our dates are great for those who are dating, been married for 30 + years and everyone in between. Take the leap, dive into surprise date night texts, and watch your ‘few months’ turn into ‘I can’t-believe-it’s-been-10-years’ before you know it!”

With holidays, vacations, birthdays, and life in general (sick kids, sporting events, volunteering, school activities, and the list goes on and on) we found 3 a month is the most people had time for.

We’re sorry, at this time we are only working with US numbers.

Because we don’t want you to get another year of the exact same dates, we are not offering auto renewal. We will send you a reminder as your subscription get closer to the end so you don’t forget to resubscribe & keep enjoying date nights.

Send us an email at experiencemore.ustexts@gmail.com


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