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Date Night Mini Golf | “Truth or Putt”

A Twist on Date Night Mini Golf 

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While the main objective of mini golf is to sink that elusive hole-in-one, this friendly game adds an extra layer of excitement to date night.

You’ve heard of Truth or Dare. We’re adding a twist to your next game of mini-golf called TRUTH OR PUTT.

Mini golf may appear simple on the surface, but it often requires precision, finesse, a dash of patience and to make date night interesting, a game of truth or putt.

Truth or Putt Rules

  • After each hole, the winner will ask the mini golfer who scored the highest “truth or putt”?
    If they answer TRUTH, ask them the question below pertaining to the hole you completed. If they answer PUTT, the golfer will need to putt the next hole following the putt terms below.  
  • In the event of a tie, no one does anything, you both move on to the next hole.
  • You must do the putt for the full hole you are on unless specified.
  • At the end of the game, the winner (a.k.a. the person who scores the lowest points) picks what you do after the game is complete (think dessert, wine tasting, some fun at home).
  • After hole 1, you will read the hole 1 truth or putt. If they select putt, on hole 2 they will putt standing backward.
  • Feel free to make up your own questions (i.e. spicy questions) or crazy putt strokes.

date night mini golf, play by play

  • HOLE 1

    TRUTH: What's your favorite thing about me? PUTT the next hole while standing backwards.

  • HOLE 2

    TRUTH: What's your dream date? PUTT the next hole using your putter like a pool cue.

  • HOLE 3

    TRUTH: If you could be on one reality TV show, what would it be? PUTT the next hole while standing on one leg.

  • HOLE 4

    TRUTH: Do you believe in ghosts? PUTT using your foot instead of the putter.

  • HOLE 5

    TRUTH: How would you describe our relationship in one word? PUTT with no feet on the ground, for example sitting down.

  • HOLE 6

    TRUTH: What would a day of your favorite meals look like? PUTT without using your hands. For example, use your elbows; get creative.

  • HOLE 7

    TRUTH: What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you? PUTT with the wrong end of the club.

  • HOLE 8

    TRUTH: What is your most memorable date? PUTT while singing your favorite song, aloud.

  • HOLE 9

    TRUTH: Top 3 things you are most looking forward to this year? PUTT with both eyes closed. Maybe ask your partner to cover your eyes.

  • HOLE 10

    TRUTH: Where should we go for our next date night? PUTT: Spin in a circle a min. or five times, then putt.

  • HOLE 11

    TRUTH: What is the one thing that makes you feel better instantly? PUTT: Bowl the ball. Yes, pretend like you are bowling.

  • HOLE 12

    TRUTH: Winner's choice. Ask any question you have always wanted to ask. PUTT while holding your partners hand.

  • HOLE 13

    TRUTH: What is something you regret not doing? PUTT the opposite side (left or right) then you putt.

  • HOLE 14

    TRUTH: What is your favorite memory of me? PUTT: Whoever has the lowest score, put your arms around the person with the highest score and show them how to golf this hole.

  • HOLE 15

    TRUTH: Is there something you want to know about me, that you don't already no? PUTT on your knees.

  • HOLE 16

    TRUTH: If I were to grant you three wishes right now, what would they be? PUTT through your legs.

  • HOLE 17

    TRUTH: If I let you dress me, what would I wear on our next date? PUTT make your last putt while kissing.

When it comes to planning a memorable date night, mini golf offers the perfect combination of entertainment, competition, romance, and with our twist, a lot of fun! This idea can even be used for disk golf, foot golf, or on the golf course.

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