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date night, just the two of you...

no kids, no cleaning up after dinner, no working late!

When you receive your text it will come with a hint about the date & a link to the details. In the example on the right, the hint is “Break away from the normal.”

When you click the link in your text, you will be taken to our website with the details on your date. Reminder, you need to log in to our website with your email and password to access your date.

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Say you subscribe to our "Spicy Dates". Your text says “It only happens once a year” with a link. When you click the link, below is what you would see after you log in:

it only happens once a year...


    The morning of your partner's birthday send them a text saying: It only happens once a year...


    A few hours later, another text. Birthday Date Night Tonight?


    Keep them in suspense all day with cryptic responses to what you are doing… For example: if they ask what time, respond after dark. If they ask what should they wear, you could respond: Clothing optional. If you have younger children you might even play if off like you couldn’t get a sitter so you’ll need to reschedule for Friday night.


    A few minutes before bed head to your bedroom and send a text… Date night is on! Go to the fridge, grab your favorite toppings & meet me in the bedroom to "have your cake". Have their favorite toppings in the fridge for them to pick from: whipped cream, cherries, caramel, etc.... you get the hint. The rest is up to you!

What You Will Need For this Date:

  • Your partner’s favorite toppings

We bring the ideas, you fill in the missing pieces. Each date will give you a plan, what you’ll need, sometimes there will be a list of ideas or recommendations, even pro tips.


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